Saturday, June 26, 2010

Whitehorse pork and eggs.

Pork steak
Pasta, preferably spaghetti
1 Tomatoe
1 Jalapeño
Seasoning salt
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar sauce

-Quantities are at your taste-

1)Cook the pasta in water, add a bit of olive oil while cooking. Pasta should only be cooked al dente.
2)Once pasta is cooked use hot water to simmer broccoli (cut in little pieces).
3)Cut tomatoe and jalapeño.
4)Add veggies to pasta and seasoned all these with seasoning salt, balsamic vinegar and a bit of olive oil.
5)Cook the pork steak and eggs with a bit of olive oil and seasoning salt and add to pasta.
6)Serve and enjoy!!!

Cassiar Pasta Seoni.

I have to say that before we got to this recipe we had an excellent week full of delicious meals made by Seonaid, our friend in Smithers. She provided me with a lot of cooking supplies for our trip and ideas. Thanks Seoni…

Pasta, preferably spaghetti
1 Tomatoe
1 Zucchini
Pesto tomatoe sauce (from Superstore)
Fresh basil
Olive oil
Seasoning salt
Meat can be added if available

-Quantities are at your taste-
-In cooking, the Italian expression al dente (pronounced /ælˈdɛnteɪ/ in English, [al ˈdɛnte] in Italian) describes pasta and (less commonly) rice or beans that have been cooked so as to be firm but not hard. "Al dente" also describes vegetables that are cooked to the "tender crisp" phase - still offering resistance to the bite, but cooked through. It is often considered to be the ideal form of cooked pasta. Keeping the pasta firm is especially important in baked or "al forno" pasta dishes. The term comes from Italian and means "to the tooth" or "to the bite", referring to the need to chew the pasta due to its firmness. The term is also very commonly used as a name for Italian restaurants around the world-

1)Cook the pasta in water, add a bit of fresh basil and olive oil while cooking. Pasta should only be cooked al dente.
2)Cut tomatoe, zucchini and fresh basil and add to pasta.
3)Season with the pesto tomatoe sauce, seasoning salt and a bit of butter.
4)Pasta can be accompanied by meat and bread if available.

Ferry tuna salad.

1 Can of tuna
Sweet relish and mustard from any “Ferry”
A piece of jalapeno
Seasoning salt

1)Open the can of tuna, place it in a container
2)Mix with sweet relish and mustard from any “Ferry”. Add jalapeno pieces
3)Finish with seasoning salt to your taste

Peanut butter sandwich.

Peanut butter is a wonderful source of protein and calories. A simple way of staying alive until the next grocery store is by making a peanut butter sandwich.

1 Banana
A piece of bread
Spoon of peanut butter

1)Cut bread
2)Add peanut butter
3)Add banana in pieces
4)Accompany with coffee if available

Noodle soup.

I never have chosen noodles from a bag as a healthy meal but in those cases where the cold and the general conditions don’t allow for more here is a simple meal.

1 bag of Mr. Noodles
Couple of pieces of broccoli
Hot water

1)Cut pieces of broccoli and open Mr. Noodles bag after crushing the noodles
2)In a container with lid place noodles+broccoli+how water
3)Let water simmered the ingredients
4)Eat al dente

The first discovery.

While with family we have not yet cooked on the road but we discovered something at Moxie’s thanks to Lee+Jen+Sara+Tomas+David.
The combination of sweetness and softness of this dish made me feel loved, it is called: white chocolate brownie. I strongly recommend this dessert…

our desserts are prepared fresh by our in-house bakers

tasting trio-mini versions of our white chocolate brownie, chocolate espresso mousse and sticky toffee pudding – a taste of some of our signature desserts on one plate, served with housebaked chocolate biscotti and french vanilla ice cream

blackberry apple crisp on puff pastry-a warm flaky pastry filled with west coast blackberries and apple slices, served with french vanilla ice cream, this fabulous dessert is baked to order so please allow a few additional minutes of preparation time

sticky toffee pudding-a dense, moist cake, served warm with toasted almonds, buttery caramel sauce and french vanilla ice cream

mini sticky toffee pudding-a smaller version of our sticky toffee pudding

banana caramel xango (chan’go)-creamy, light banana cheesecake wrapped in a pastry
tortilla, dusted with cinnamon-sugar and served with warm caramel, ribbons of chocolate and french vanilla ice cream

chocolate espresso mousse-callebaut chocolate with the unique and intense flavour of criollo cocoa beans, crowned with real whipped cream and house-baked chocolate biscotti

mini mousse-a smaller version of our chocolate espresso mousse

white chocolate brownie-the ultimate dessert encounter, white and dark chocolate folded into a white chocolate brownie, finished with french vanilla ice cream, real whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce

bite of brownie-a smaller version of our white chocolate brownie


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The New Ways!!!

This is just the beginning… and already I found how important baking soda is… Gord and Deb know that too ;)
I would like to dedicate this blog to my husband Brian Archimedes Mendoza Dominguez who has been a miracle in my life, yes!!! a miracle. You will find out why, Brian I LOVE YOU!!!

For the next two years we will be travelling and finding every second that Vancouver is a great place to live specially because of the variety of food and good stuff. However Vancouver is not the “only” place to live and it would be sad not to explore the world when we have received an important message and invitation to do it. Of course everything is a trade off; our trade off in this trip (the most important one) is food. Our home will be anywhere and that is ok, we will go from tenting to mansions to sheds and for a moment we will own all without having to pay insurance…
Food, right… food has been always a struggle. When I first met Brian I had no clue about how to boil water because I never had to cook, my activities at home were more “men” oriented than “women” oriented, what that really means is that I had to learn how to cook if I wanted to make him happy. I tried for a long time and he ate whatever I cooked but when he actually became proud of me was after I met Patricia Chuey, an impressive professional when it comes to food and proper diet. She educated me enough that I am another individual now and for that I am thankful.
Anyway… The struggle will continue but more than that it will be a challenge to cook “On the road” with a limited budget of about $6/day for two people. It can be done for sure, the interesting part is how.

In this blog I will share with you as we go dishes that we either cook “On the road” and/or we eat for under $6/day keeping ourselves healthy and strong for those long journeys. I will also point out those “Exceptional dishes” that we may find over $6 and that likely they were a gift from a lovely person.

I hope you enjoy!!!

Forgot to mention that the wonderful dish in the picture above is a great memory of one of the last real Canadian meals we had before we left Vancouver... Julia and George thank you very much for that evening!!!