Monday, September 20, 2010

The perfect woman for the moose.

This is again one of those times when we are extremely fortunate to share with people full of energy and generosity. Wade and his family hosted us for few days and fed us MOOSE, moose that Wade brought home with his own efforts and his lovely wife cooked, a woman who knows how to cook wild meat.
Moose is soft and really tasty, the little fat I found does not even taste like fat…One day, I hope to learn how to get our own food.
The picture shows, in the left, moose meat and in the right deer meat. I prefer Moose for sure.

La langosta de Archie.

This dish was AMAZING!!! Langosta=Lobster…
It was the combination of great food + great people. Archie made our dream happen; we had lovely lobster in Nova Scotia.
Thanks Archie for your generosity and love.

Pasta Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia… what can I tell you? Ummm… I totally fell in love with this place and the kind of people we have met. So that means we are DEFINITELY coming back…
This dish was created in the Cabot Trail, located in Nova Scotia and I hate to say it but I felt bad for the nice people we were camping with; we cooked this great meal while they were enjoying slim fast drinks… We offered some but they politely declined and the irony is that their budget for food was 6 times more than ours per day…

Feta cheese (in oil with spices)

1) Cook some pasta, al dente preferably. Once cooked add the raw tomatoe, zucchini, mushrooms and feta cheese.
2) Dice the sausage and fry it (in its own fat), once cooked add it to the pasta.
3) Add some salt and any other spices you may have available but remember that the oil from the feta cheese provides already a great taste.
4) Enjoy!!!

Memories of Newfoundland.

This recipe is awesome!!! AWESOME!!!, the only other time I felt the same way was when we had dinner at Lumière in Vancouver, BC; the difference though was that this meal only cost $5 for two people and the other one cost $500. We were very pleased to have had this dish as our last memory of Newfoundland, what a great way to end a part of the journey, especially when it was not going great…

2 Lb. of mussels
Butter (can be regular butter or can be garlic butter)
Feta cheese (in oil with spices)

1) Steam the mussels with water and salt.
2) Once cooked take the meat out and stir fry with butter and garlic.
3) Cook some pasta, preferably al dente. Once cooked add diced tomatoe and feta cheese.
4) Serve mussels over pasta and add a piece of lemon.
5) Enjoy!!!

Channel-Port Aux Basques bisquicks.

This recipe is the same than Junky bisquicks with the addition of hand picked blue berries from the J.T. Cheeseman campground in Channel-Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland.

2 Cups of Bisquick
1 Cup of water
Hand picked blue berries
Strawberry jam from the ferry

1) Mix Bisquick with water and blue berries, cook portions as desired on a frying pan and you will get a type of pancake.
2) This can be accompanied with strawberry jam!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

El pollo.

This is the chicken that made me fall in love with Brian, thanks Lamond!!!

Full chicken
Soy sauce
Seasoning salt

1) Cut potatoes, corn and carrots as you wish.
2) In a bowl soak the chicken with soy sauce and seasoning salt.
3) Meanwhile cook some rice, steam it.
4) In a pan add the chicken, potatoes, corn and carrots and cook in the BBQ or in the oven (if you happen to be at someone’s place) otherwise you could use the fire pit.
5) Leave for approximately one hour in the BBQ or 45 minutes in the oven at 450 oF.
6) Serve rice and chicken with veggies on top, you may add soy sauce to this if you like!!!
7) Enjoy and don’t forget to lick your fingers…