Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Headquarters and Tucson Tony’s Kitchen… also some discoveries.

In this part of the blog I will not indicate cost, even though we are keeping our food budget under control we have a guest with us and together we are buying the ingredients we need to make most of our meals

Café La Parroquia (in front of the Malecón).
This coffee served in Veracruz Port is delicious and exciting. You will not get hot milk poured in your glass, of course after you have got concentrated coffee from an Italian machine, unless you make noise with the spoon by hitting the glass to call the waiter. How can we miss noise in this activity?, everything is quite noisy here but at least this is exciting!!!

Pizza Chuey.
This pizza recipe comes from Eating for Energy without deprivation THE 80-20 COOKBOOK from Patricia Chuey, a friend of us. We had to change the recipe slightly due to the fact that we could not find all the ingredients indicated in the recipe. The results were fantastic and we had a great evening, a healthy pizza is always good and to be honest cooking is much more rewarding than buying prepared food. Not only that, but cooking brings a lot of interaction and peace at the same time for friends. If you don’t have the book I have from Patricia Chuey I would recommend acquiring this valuable tool.

Wonton Soup.
Perhaps is not the most difficult dish in the world but it is certainly time consuming. We made this dish at our friends’ house and had an entertaining evening full of joy and delicious food, it took hours to complete, and we ended up having dinner at 11pm.
The best part of the soup for me was the watercress (in Spanish berros), I never enjoyed berros so much…

Guess who got to try a beer out of the first batch of Heineken produced in Mexico? Yes I did. I had a fantastic meal, I consider a beer a full meal sometimes. We visited Cerveceria Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma in Orizaba as part of Brian’s Spanish class, had a tour and got to taste some beer. Why Heineken? Because this beer is going to be produced in this factory.

Restaurant La Palma.
My uncle Fernando recommended this restaurant, it is a little shack on the side of the road to Coscomatepec. Family operated business is run with pride and love. Food is fantastic and economical, what kind of food? Seafood. Weird but truth, some of the best food I have had and it is not served in the Coast???
The tostada is called Tostada de cazón; cazón is a small shark, the meat is cooked with some spices and put onto this big tortilla chips…
I am sure Tony enjoyed the meal and I enjoy when others enjoy… Uncle Fernando was right!!!

Yes, no name restaurant. My cousin Rosy invited us for lunch to this restaurant owned by a friend of hers somewhere close to Cordoba, it only opens on Fridays and it only offers pork. The owners not only raise pork but they utilize everything from them. We had: brain tacos (of course we found that out after we had eaten them), guisado de puerco and chicharrón (pork fried skin). Everything was delicious and spicy to the point that Tony made the mistake of eating some hot peppers as if they were water and ended up with a red face and almost choking.

Restaurant El Manguito.
This is my favourite restaurant in Cordoba for several reasons, not only the service is great but the prices are reasonable and food is really tasty. It has been a family operated business for several years and they offer authentic Mexican food. I prefer a special BBQ chicken wrapped in banana leaves, but unfortunately when we took Tony there they had no more chickens left, however we ended up having another great dish: a meat platter with guacamole, refried beans, hand made tortillas, spicy sauce and others. I forgot to tell you that as an appetizer the restaurant offers potato tacos and little picaditas at not cost.
Everything you find in the menu is excellent and if not, you just talk to Martita and she will ensure you have a good experience.