Saturday, April 30, 2011

The treasures of Chiapas!!!

We found few fantastic things in Chiapas.

One of them is Tasajo, tasty meat served with rice and beans. It is simply cooked on the grill and even though it is a bit chewy it is different than anywhere in Mexico.

Chiapas cheese was the condiment that made a regular simple pasta one that you have to lick your fingers.

Coffee in Chiapas is awesome, I have to say AWESOME… Eduardo invited us a piece of 5 Chocolates cake… Thanks Eduardo…

Last dishes we really enjoyed here cooked by us, were a Canadian style treasure… We called it:

Speedy Mendoza.
Why? Because he was fast…

Marinated pork ribs from Chiapas
Tajin lemon zest

1) Panfry the marinated pork ribs.
2) Dice onions and add them to the pan where the pork ribs are cooking until brown, then remove and put them to the side.
3) Slice potatoes into fries, boil them lightly, drain excess water and fry. Once crispy season the fries with Tajin lemon zest and salt to taste. Add onions.
4) Blanch broccoli.
5) Serve pork ribs with broccoli, avocado and potatoes.
6) Enjoy with dreams of beer if you happen not to have one like us!!!


Arroz Chiapaneco.
Why? Because we added Chiapas cheese…

Chiapas cheese
Knorr chicken broth

1) Soak the rice overnight for easy cooking the next day.
2) Roast the rice until brown. Meanwhile blend 2 tomatoes with a Knorr square of chicken broth, a bit of onion and a little bit of water, put this aside.
3) Once the rice is brown add the tomatoe mix and salt to taste.
4) Let the tomatoe mix boil checking that the flame is low so it can cook the rice properly, until soft.
5) Now, cook the plantains as easy as cutting them in slices and frying them.
6) Once fry put them on top of the rice and add as much Chiapas cheese as you like…

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Never thought!!!

Mangoes… mangos in Spanish…
Delicious mangoes you can eat in Mexico and we did. Diarrhea???, no way Jose.

A type of fish found in the area of Veracruz. Brian was initially very happy about it but later on he got sick… Sorry Brian, I have the stomach of a donkey so could not understand why you got sick. It could very well be that the fish you ate was a bit angry!!!

Bloody meal…
Moronga, rellena, or morcilla is a sausage made of pig's blood. It is found in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Central America and Mexican cuisine. Spices, herbs (such as ruda, oregano, and mint), onions and chile peppers are added and then boiled in the pig's intestines for several hours. It is served in a sauce, either "chile rojo" or "chile verde". Considered a delicacy, it is also served in Mexico as a filling in gorditas after it has been pan-fried with fresh onions and jalapeƱo peppers.
I never thought that animal blood should be eaten, but I guess I should not think and just appreciate it… as long as nothing is wasted…