Monday, December 17, 2012

More to be discovered… Christmas & New Year 2013.

I will update this blog January 2013… Some recipes to share for the last part of the year but will combine with Christmas and New Year once we lived through it…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Swiss Medley Vegetable for Thanksgiving Day!

Without any hesitation a super recipe from Babita, a good friend of us, to celebrate Thanksgiving!!!
Thanks guys, dinner was excellent, company was exceptional and I could not have asked for more!!!

1 Pack of frozen California mix veggies
1 Can of mushroom soup
⅓ Cup of sour cream
1 Cup of Swiss cheese
1 Can of French fried onions
½ Tsp pepper

1) Make sure veggies are not frozen by the time you use them.
2) In a baking pan, mix the veggies + the can of mushroom soup + the sour cream + ½ cup of Swiss cheese + ½ can of French fried onions + pepper.
3) Cover pan with foil and place in oven at 350oC for 45 minutes. Take out briefly.
4) Cover the mix with the rest of the cheese and French fried onions, take foil off and cook for 10 more minutes with the same temperature.

Hard to see on the plate but for sure tasty!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Already September?

Tequila Chicken-for about 4 people.
This is not a recipe given to me by another Mexican, it was given to me by Lee… Brian’s wonderful cousin.
I love this recipe and although I was unable to capture it perfectly I am sure it can be reproduced.

3 Grilled chicken breasts
Bell peppers
4 Cups of pasta (penne noodles)
2 Jars of Alfredo sauce
Juice of 4-6 limes (or lemons)
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Chipotle chili pepper
Other available seasonings/spices

1) Grill chicken.
2) Fry veggies.
3) Cook pasta.
4) Combine chicken with veggies, all the seasonings/spices (to taste) and Alfredo sauce. Cook for a while.
5) Add lime or lemon juice and tequila (to taste) to the pot where everything is cooking, shortly before serving. Cook for few more seconds.
6) Combine pasta with the mix from previous steps.
7) Enjoy!!!

Uni (Sea Urchin).
I would not recommend this $20 dollars dish we got at Fujiya. Well, I did not get it, dear Jimmy did; he loves it and was very kind to share with us. It requires an acquired taste…

This has been an aphrodisiac in Japan for thousands of years. Sea urchin, or uni, as the Japanese call it, rose to popularity in North America in the late twentieth century.
Contrary to popular belief, the portion of the sea urchin sold and served as one of the ocean’s most opulent treasures is not the roe. It is the gonads of this hermaphrodite sea creature that are scooped out of the urchin’s spiny shell in five custard-like, golden sections.
From a nutritional standpoint, sea urchin is one of the most prominent culinary sources of anandamide, a cannabinoid neurotransmitter. Does this mean that eating uni will produce a similar effect to ingesting marijuana? Probably not, but it is possible that uni activates the dopamine system in the brain, humans’ built in “reward circuit.”

Ceviche Brian.
Brian found this wonderful recipe that we have tried many times by now. Of course, we learned about ceviche in Peru!!! It is great to cook fish this way…

Fish (we used basa)
Lemon juice (enough to cover the fish)
Seeded tomatoes
2 Tsp salt
Tabasco sauce

1) Mix all ingredients listed before.
2) Refrigerate for 4.5 hours.
3) Stir occasionally.

Vietnamese soups.
Vancouver is amazing when it comes to food. We discovered this great place in downtown Vancouver called “Next Noodle Bar”. Affordable prices and delicious food. It is located at 560 Robson St.
We ordered: Hot and chili chicken and Wor Wonton Noodle.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do you wonder what we cook in Canada?

We finalized our 26 months journey on the road through The Americas but that does not mean the “Journey” has ended. There is more, there is always more and we will find it…
We are now back in Canada and I want to make sure I start documenting some cool/simple/interesting things we eat. I will be sharing once a month couple of recipes/ideas with you… Please enjoy.

I believe this dish has a different name but I usually name them however I like. This is a simple way of serving eggs if you have a muffin tin and an oven.

Green onions
Yellow peppers

1) Spray with oil the bottom and walls of a muffin tin.
2) Cut all the veggies in small pieces.
3) Add a slice of ham in each muffin space of the tin.
4) Add veggies accordingly (take in consideration the space you need for the egg).
5) Add one egg to each muffin space of the tin.
6) Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover with cheese.
7) Bake at medium heat for about 10 minutes. It can take longer or less time depending on the setting of the oven. I forgot to write the temperature we used but I am sure you will be able to tell if the eggs are cooked.

The dish cost $12.95 CAD for 9 people: 2 eggs each person… Delicious and easy to prepare.

This is the most delicious camping snack I have ever tried. Why did not I know about it? Why? Perhaps because it is dangerous: lots of calories.
It is basically a marshmallow sandwich except for the bread would be two cookies with chocolate and or two pieces of chocolate with the marshmallow in the middle. Brilliant. Of course the marshmallow has to be previously melted (cooked) in the fire pit.
Try it and you will love it, I could only take one, it is too sweet.
I forgot to mention, this recipe was shared by Carmen, a wonderful Canadian woman ;)


This is a delicious simple Italian idea. Vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. Fantastic!!!
Price= $4.75 CAD plus tax, remember in Canada everything is PLUS TAX…

Have you ever thought of making baileys? I bet not. Here there is a simple recipe given to me by our cousins Lee and Jen.

1 Cup of rye
1 Tbsp of instant coffee
1 ½ Cups of whipping cream
3 Eggs
1 Can of Eagle brand milk
1 Tbsp of chocolate sauce (Quick)
2 Drops of vanilla

1) Blend everything together.
2) Shake before serving.

Note: It keeps for approximately one month.

This is another kind of snack for when you are camping and around the fire pit. They are simply sunflower seeds with skin so you put them in your mouth and take the skin, spit it out and eat the sunflower seed.
I do not know the exact price but I do know they are really tasty.

At Tim Hortons you can get coffee and various items to accompany your coffee, like timbits. The middle of the donut does not go to waste, there are different flavours and although it is not a healthy snack it is for sure a sweet snack…
Price= 10 timbits for $1.99 CAD.

Pineapple upside down cake.
Thanks to Babita, a good friend of us I learned this simple and sweet recipe.

1 Box of cake mix (white, yellow or French vanilla)
2 Medium pineapple cans
3 Eggs
Brown sugar

1) Select a pan of about 13x9 inches to bake the cake.
2) Butter the pan.
3) Cover the bottom of the pan with brown sugar.
4) Lay the slices of pineapple on top of the sugar and place a sherry on each ring.
5) Follow the instructions of the box of cake mix but substitute the water for pineapple juice (from the can), as much as possible, the remaining amount (if you are missing pineapple juice) can still be water.
6) Pour the mix on the pan and cook as instructed in the box.
7) Flip cake on a flat sheet; soften the sides before you do so.

Julia’s cheese.
Julia is an awesome lady who keeps George happy and how couldn’t she? She cooks great dishes.

Here there is an example of a simple but tasty appetizer.
Pick any cheese you may like, the one we had was Brie and it was topped with nuts and caramel sauce, baked in the oven for about 10 minutes at a temperature of 250oC.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A boost…

After a long day!!!
When in the Curacanti Area in Colorado we met a nice couple from Denver who shared with us their beer, pop corn and sausage. What a nice couple and what a nice surprise to find that people still hunt their food like Warren and Marylou do.
Here showing some pictures of the before and after product, very tasty and a different feeling than eating the same meat coming from a package purchased at a store.
Elk 1
Elk 2

If you feel sleepy once in a while.
Visiting with Linda and Bill in Kelowna B.C. Canada was very refreshing; our visit was full of energy. Linda shared with me her magical recipe to stay awake if you need to. Look at the picture and mix the ingredients up at your desired quantities.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Drunken Chicken.

Our friend Shawn in Colorado Springs is an amazing individual, he is a great cook, a survival man and just a simple-loving-friendly man. He cooks for his dogs very tasty and healthy food. Now imagine what he can cook for friends.
One of the recipes he cooked for us is this drunken chicken, although the original recipe is called BBQ Chicken Beer-Butt (aka: BBQ Chicken Beer Can).
I hope you try this and if you do, please thank Shawn when enjoying it.

1 Medium whole chicken ($12.00)
1 Can of beer (Coors Lite, $1.00)
Some seasoning of whatever you like
⅓-½ Stick of melted butter ($???)

1) Clean whole chicken, remove innards and discard (or save for something else imaginative).
2) Pat dry internal cavity and exterior of chicken.
3) Rub chicken down with olive oil, inside and out.
4) Salt and pepper cavity to taste, smear it around.
5) Salt and pepper skin to taste if you want to (not required)
6) Separate skin from breast.
7) Pour some olive oil between breast and skin, smear it around (this allows seasoning to stick to the meat better, so I think).
8) Spread seasoning between skin and breast making sure to cover all the meat.
9) Put chicken into Ziploc bag and place into refrigerator. Overnight works best to ensure flavours of spices mix with. But three hours or so will work too.
10) Start BBQ. I use a gas grill, but coals will work too. There are some grilling tools that make the cooking part easier like this:
11) Or take a beer can, open it, drink half of the beer, and jam it up the chicken's butt. Don’t shove the whole can up its butt. The chicken should be resting on it give it a "tri-pod" appearance.
12) Use some twine (cotton) to stitch up the opening of the chicken’s neck. This helps to keep moisture inside the chicken as the beer evaporates.
13) When the BBQ is around 300-350oF, place chicken upright on grill. The chicken should look like it's standing up on the grill with the beer can taking the weight of the chicken.
14) Remember this recipe calls for indirect heat. If using coal, spread coals around so they're not directly under the chicken. If using gas, use burners to the side of your chicken.
15) Once the chicken is on the grill, close the lid.
16) Check the chicken every 15-20 minutes to make sure you're not cooking it too fast. Usually when I check it, I baste the chicken with some melted butter. Not too much, just enough to cover the skin.
17) Cook until internal breast temperature reaches 170oF. Usually takes me about 90 minutes to fully cook.
18) Let chicken stand for around 10 minutes to cool and get juicy.
19) Remove beer can from chicken's butt, enjoy...

Hope this works for you. It's not a secret family recipe. Experiment with different seasoning for the meat rub. I am kind of a fan of fresh garlic too. You can also separate the skin form the thighs and spread seasoning on that too.

This recipe was written by Shawn. You can calculate more less the total cost of the chicken (American Dollars).



Bits and pieces.

El Rancho de Nuevo Laredo.
You are right, we do not have a ranch in Mexico especially in Nuevo Laredo but we did go to a restaurant called El Rancho infamous for the pork style meat recipe from Morelia they have. Fantastic. Thanks Roy for the invitation, we really enjoyed it.
Sorry we do not have pictures but I was a bit hesitant to take pictures there.

Whole Sale Foods in Austin
This is an amazing market in Austin Texas USA. You can find lots of choices for a quick bite, a formal dinner, healthy eating (ingredients) and lots and lots of things. Cheap? Perhaps not but affordable. If people can afford a burger from Wendy’s or MacDonald’s, they should be able to afford this excellent option.


When in Morelia, try Roma’s food…

We spent some time in Morelia Michoacan Mexico with a good friend of us, Octavio. He and his family were fantastic hosts and shared with us not just their love but their friends, food and traditions.

I collected couple of recipes while we were with them, here some of them…

Enchiladas de Morelia.
Enchiladas are typical in the entire country but the recipe may vary from state to state. In Morelia they make them as follows.

10 Chiles guajillos
2 Medium size garlic
½ Onion
2 Tbsp white vinegar or apple vinegar
2 Cloves
2 Peppers (spice)
A bit of cumin
A piece of ginger
Sour cream
Tomato sauce: 3 tomatoes+¼ onion+salt+water
Vinegar jalapenos (in a can)

1) Chiles guajillos need to be cleaned up (no seeds no veins), soak them in water.
2) Blend the first 11 ingredients after step number 1 is completed (allow for at least 30 minutes but if possible all night).
3) Strain the mix, ensure a good consistency.
4) Soak the tortillas in this mix and fry them after, both sides. Try with couple at the time.
5) Fill the tortilla with cheese and slices of onion (if you prefer, you can dice the onion rather than slice the onion). Place the enchiladas on the plate.
6) On the side you place the fried potatoes and carrots (you can boil them before frying them). When frying the potatoes and carrots you can use a bit of the sauce that you use to soak the tortillas.
7) Once this is done you can add (on top of the tortillas) lettuce, sour cream, cheese, tomato sauce.
8) You can add vinegar jalapenos on top just for flavour.
9) In the picture you can observe fried chicken, this is optional.

Nieve de changunga.
Changunga is a common fruit in Mexico, it looks like a berry, yellow in colour and very sweet. We got an ice cream made out of this fruit for $15 Mexican Pesos, compliments of Octavio when we were in Patzcuaro.

Mole looks like a curry and tastes like a curry but Mexican… It is spicy and sweet at the same time, very typical and involves a lot of work.

15 Chiles negros
1 Tortilla
1 Slice of white bread
2 Pimentones (spice)
2 Peppers (spice)
2 Cloves
A bit of cumin
8 Almonds
12 Nuts
A bit of pumpkin seeds
A bit of cinnamon
½ Chocolate bar
3 Green tomatoes (Tomatillos)
3 Pieces of garlic
1 Small onion
Sugar and salt

1) You fry all the ingredients except for the cinnamon and the chocolate. These two ingredients are soaked in water.
2) Once you have fried the ingredients you can add them to the soaking cinnamon and chocolate. Then you blend all of the ingredients.
3) Fry this mix (again) and strain the product of it.
4) Add sugar and salt to taste.
5) This recipe maybe a bit hard because you need to find the right consistency in the mix but it is fun to try.
6) You can serve the mole on top of meat or make enchiladas out of it which at this point they would be called enmoladas.

Corunda is a Mexican food, similar to tamales, but wrapped in a long green corn plant leaf, and folded, making a triangular shape. Eaten with cream and red salsa, filled with masa mix and usually without a meaty filling. They're steamed till golden before being eaten, and then, one unwraps the leaf and out fall two pats of masa filling.
A common food in the state of Michoacan. Fantastic!!!

Naked chiles.
This is one of the simplest but tastiest recipes. Thanks Roma.

Jalapeno peppers (as many as you desire)

1) Take the little stem out of all the peppers, wash the peppers.
2) Roast the peppers.
3) Cut them in pieces; pick the shape of you choice.
4) Add lemon and salt.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

From here to there… not sure where!!!

Tacos Atascate…
This is a place where we will take you if you come to Merida to visit us. For $45 Mexican Pesos you can eat all the tacos you like. Excellent service and good food I would recommend “El Payaso”.

Memories of Argentina.
Thanks to Gabi in Cancun, we had the opportunity to remember our good times in Argentina. This Argentinean friend cooked for us “chimichurri”, a delicious sauce made with: 1 entire garlic head, 1 red bell pepper, 6 lemons, paprika or pimenton, parsley, olive oil and salt.
If you are having a BBQ, I would totally recommend this sauce because the only thing you need to do is put all the ingredients in a blender…

Salbutes and Polcanes.
These are two of the most typical dishes in Yucatan. Salbutes are fried tortillas with chicken or pork on top and tomato sauce plus onions. Polcanes are like empanadas; these ones are slightly different because they have white beans, some kind of nuts and “cebollina” (green onions)… all inside!!!
How much? Five Mexican Pesos each.

Chaya Maya again.
I forgot to mention Chaya Juice from the Restaurant Chaya Maya in Merida. A glass of this juice is $16 Mexican Pesos, very refreshing and tasty.

Mami’s salad.
This is a new simple salad I learned from my mother.

Olive oil

1) Cut the habaneros in small pieces, add lemon and olive oil. Leave for sometime in a container before adding the rest of the ingredients.
2) Add the onions and radishes. Salt to taste.
3) Enjoy!!!

Antelma makes this delicious drink. She simply places raw sugar in blocks (panela) + water + tibicos. She leaves this mix to ferment for 2-3 days obtaining at the end of the period a very low alcohol content beverage.
What are tibicos? Tibicos, also known as tibi, water kefir grains, sugar kefir grains, Japanese water crystals and California bees, and in older literature as bébées, African bees, ale nuts, Australian bees, balm of Gilead, beer seeds, beer plant, bees, ginger beer plant, ginger bees, Japanese beer seeds and vinegar bees are a culture of bacteria and yeasts held in a polysaccharide matrix created by the bacteria. As with kefir grains, the microbes present in tibicos act in symbiosis to maintain a stable culture. Tibicos can do this in many different sugary liquids, feeding off the sugar to produce lactic acid, alcohol (ethanol), and carbon dioxide gas, which carbonates the drink.

In the same lines.
We tried some tasty beer in Mexico at the Beer Factory in Santa Fe Mall. Thanks Andres for the invitation, we were able to sample some of the flavoured beer (coconut, cranberry, tamarind, maracuya, apple and mango) and some of the artisan beers (mediterranea, coronel, coyote, Santa Fe, luna llena and exotica). Each sampler for $66 Mexican Pesos.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

And the truth is… I love broccoli… and tacos!!!

I cannot deny that I love vegetables and broccoli is my favourite but I love tacos too… specially Tacos al pastor…

Los Bisquets Obregon.
This is a very well known place in some states of Mexico where you can find good coffee and a bisquet or chocolate with churros (Mexican fried dough covered with sugar).

We had a coffee for $21 Mexican pesos, a bisquet for $21.5 Mexican pesos and 1 churro with chocolate for $31.5 Mexican pesos. Totally worth it since we needed to discuss some important topics and we got the peace and environment we needed to do so.

Have you seen this before?
This is a Deya thing. I like mixing things. In the picture you can see pasta soup + boiled black beans + banana… It was good!!!

Torta de avena.
This is one of my favourite discoveries in life. I love oats and this recipe contains oats.

Oats (let’s say 1 cup)
Parsley or cilantro

1) Soak the oats in water; do so by covering the oats with water.
2) Cut onion, parsley or cilantro and if you may wish you can also add cheese.
3) Mix the soaked oats with the veggies and 1 egg. Add salt to taste.
4) Distribute some of the mix in a pan previously coated with oil. Fry one side, then the other.
5) Enjoy with tortillas and a salad.

Paleta Payaso.
This is a common candy in Mexico called Lollypop Clown, which is not the exact translation but you get the idea.
It is $7.5 Mexican pesos and tasty but not healthy. I was never a candy eater as a little girl and I am not a candy eater as an older girl but we enjoyed this one given to us by Waldo. Thanks Waldo!!!

Gonela Cheese.
This cheese is produced in the State of Yucatan, similar to Chiapas cheese but saltier. It goes well with anything but I prefer to eat it with beans. It is $44.8 Mexican pesos per kilogram but with $12 Mexican pesos you can eat cheese for 10 days.

Potato soup by Waldo.
Waldo is an innovative fellow and when he cooks his food is tasty. Here we have a simple recipe that cost $32 Mexican pesos and it was good for 10 people.

1.2 Kg potatoes
1 Leak
½ Onion
1 Clove of garlic
10 Grams of butter

1) Basically cut all ingredients.
2) Fry garlic and onion first with a bit of oil.
3) Add potatoes and leak.
4) Add butter and salt.
5) Boil with water until potatoes are soft.
6) Enjoy.

Tacos Chedrahui.
We were not looking for tacos this time but since we had been out all day and needed to do some shopping at one of the most common grocery stores in Mexico we decided to have some tacos before shopping.
Each taco was $7 Mexican pesos and there were different types: chicken, pork, beef; of course all cooked with veggies.
I almost died when I tried the habanero sauce… very spicy but delicious…

Nopal is a kind of eatable cactus. A kilo of nopales is $15.33 and you can produce delicious dishes with them.
Betty’s mom cooked them with a bit of oil and onions, added pepper and salt. We had them with tortillas and with bolillos and both were excellent options.