Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do you wonder what we cook in Canada?

We finalized our 26 months journey on the road through The Americas but that does not mean the “Journey” has ended. There is more, there is always more and we will find it…
We are now back in Canada and I want to make sure I start documenting some cool/simple/interesting things we eat. I will be sharing once a month couple of recipes/ideas with you… Please enjoy.

I believe this dish has a different name but I usually name them however I like. This is a simple way of serving eggs if you have a muffin tin and an oven.

Green onions
Yellow peppers

1) Spray with oil the bottom and walls of a muffin tin.
2) Cut all the veggies in small pieces.
3) Add a slice of ham in each muffin space of the tin.
4) Add veggies accordingly (take in consideration the space you need for the egg).
5) Add one egg to each muffin space of the tin.
6) Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover with cheese.
7) Bake at medium heat for about 10 minutes. It can take longer or less time depending on the setting of the oven. I forgot to write the temperature we used but I am sure you will be able to tell if the eggs are cooked.

The dish cost $12.95 CAD for 9 people: 2 eggs each person… Delicious and easy to prepare.

This is the most delicious camping snack I have ever tried. Why did not I know about it? Why? Perhaps because it is dangerous: lots of calories.
It is basically a marshmallow sandwich except for the bread would be two cookies with chocolate and or two pieces of chocolate with the marshmallow in the middle. Brilliant. Of course the marshmallow has to be previously melted (cooked) in the fire pit.
Try it and you will love it, I could only take one, it is too sweet.
I forgot to mention, this recipe was shared by Carmen, a wonderful Canadian woman ;)


This is a delicious simple Italian idea. Vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. Fantastic!!!
Price= $4.75 CAD plus tax, remember in Canada everything is PLUS TAX…

Have you ever thought of making baileys? I bet not. Here there is a simple recipe given to me by our cousins Lee and Jen.

1 Cup of rye
1 Tbsp of instant coffee
1 ½ Cups of whipping cream
3 Eggs
1 Can of Eagle brand milk
1 Tbsp of chocolate sauce (Quick)
2 Drops of vanilla

1) Blend everything together.
2) Shake before serving.

Note: It keeps for approximately one month.

This is another kind of snack for when you are camping and around the fire pit. They are simply sunflower seeds with skin so you put them in your mouth and take the skin, spit it out and eat the sunflower seed.
I do not know the exact price but I do know they are really tasty.

At Tim Hortons you can get coffee and various items to accompany your coffee, like timbits. The middle of the donut does not go to waste, there are different flavours and although it is not a healthy snack it is for sure a sweet snack…
Price= 10 timbits for $1.99 CAD.

Pineapple upside down cake.
Thanks to Babita, a good friend of us I learned this simple and sweet recipe.

1 Box of cake mix (white, yellow or French vanilla)
2 Medium pineapple cans
3 Eggs
Brown sugar

1) Select a pan of about 13x9 inches to bake the cake.
2) Butter the pan.
3) Cover the bottom of the pan with brown sugar.
4) Lay the slices of pineapple on top of the sugar and place a sherry on each ring.
5) Follow the instructions of the box of cake mix but substitute the water for pineapple juice (from the can), as much as possible, the remaining amount (if you are missing pineapple juice) can still be water.
6) Pour the mix on the pan and cook as instructed in the box.
7) Flip cake on a flat sheet; soften the sides before you do so.

Julia’s cheese.
Julia is an awesome lady who keeps George happy and how couldn’t she? She cooks great dishes.

Here there is an example of a simple but tasty appetizer.
Pick any cheese you may like, the one we had was Brie and it was topped with nuts and caramel sauce, baked in the oven for about 10 minutes at a temperature of 250oC.