Sunday, September 30, 2012

Already September?

Tequila Chicken-for about 4 people.
This is not a recipe given to me by another Mexican, it was given to me by Lee… Brian’s wonderful cousin.
I love this recipe and although I was unable to capture it perfectly I am sure it can be reproduced.

3 Grilled chicken breasts
Bell peppers
4 Cups of pasta (penne noodles)
2 Jars of Alfredo sauce
Juice of 4-6 limes (or lemons)
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Chipotle chili pepper
Other available seasonings/spices

1) Grill chicken.
2) Fry veggies.
3) Cook pasta.
4) Combine chicken with veggies, all the seasonings/spices (to taste) and Alfredo sauce. Cook for a while.
5) Add lime or lemon juice and tequila (to taste) to the pot where everything is cooking, shortly before serving. Cook for few more seconds.
6) Combine pasta with the mix from previous steps.
7) Enjoy!!!

Uni (Sea Urchin).
I would not recommend this $20 dollars dish we got at Fujiya. Well, I did not get it, dear Jimmy did; he loves it and was very kind to share with us. It requires an acquired taste…

This has been an aphrodisiac in Japan for thousands of years. Sea urchin, or uni, as the Japanese call it, rose to popularity in North America in the late twentieth century.
Contrary to popular belief, the portion of the sea urchin sold and served as one of the ocean’s most opulent treasures is not the roe. It is the gonads of this hermaphrodite sea creature that are scooped out of the urchin’s spiny shell in five custard-like, golden sections.
From a nutritional standpoint, sea urchin is one of the most prominent culinary sources of anandamide, a cannabinoid neurotransmitter. Does this mean that eating uni will produce a similar effect to ingesting marijuana? Probably not, but it is possible that uni activates the dopamine system in the brain, humans’ built in “reward circuit.”

Ceviche Brian.
Brian found this wonderful recipe that we have tried many times by now. Of course, we learned about ceviche in Peru!!! It is great to cook fish this way…

Fish (we used basa)
Lemon juice (enough to cover the fish)
Seeded tomatoes
2 Tsp salt
Tabasco sauce

1) Mix all ingredients listed before.
2) Refrigerate for 4.5 hours.
3) Stir occasionally.

Vietnamese soups.
Vancouver is amazing when it comes to food. We discovered this great place in downtown Vancouver called “Next Noodle Bar”. Affordable prices and delicious food. It is located at 560 Robson St.
We ordered: Hot and chili chicken and Wor Wonton Noodle.