Saturday, February 16, 2013

January 2013: The recipe of the month, the best coffee shop and the food!!!

Back on track again to collect enough information and share.

The recipe of the month.
I am still impressed with the following salad, I am totally in love with it and want to thank our friend Olivia for sharing the recipe with us. It was such a lovely salad and just the salad makes for a meal; you do not need anything else for dinner but a good plate of this salad and some bread perhaps or a glass of wine?

Cooked quinoa
Cooked red beets
Chopped walnuts
Feta cheese
Minced fresh garlic
Coriander powder
Salad dressing: salt+pepper+sugar+veggie broth+Dijon mustard+vinegar+olive oil
If you wonder about how much to put of each ingredient: I was not given those amounts but I followed the recipe by heart and taste and it turned incredibly well.

1) Have the quinoa and red beets cooked (peel them first). Cut the red beets in small squares.
2) Add all ingredients in a bowl and serve
3) Top with salad dressing.

This is a wonder in my life now!!!

49th Parallel Coffee Shop
Brian B. (no my Brian) knows where the good coffee shops are and this one is now one of my top five coffee shops in Vancouver. It is located on Main St and 13th Avenue; it serves coffee and donuts only but not regular donuts, excellent donuts. The prices are reasonable and the environment is awesome!!!

Food enjoyment!!!
Friends and food, enjoying a meal around the table rather than in front of the TV, that is life!!! For those who do not share the same passion or simply do not know better, you are missing out. But I am not here to convince you about my philosophy; I am writing and showing you pictures to tell our friends that those moments are priceless and that we are thankful for having you and creating those memories… those conversations…

Craig and Babita know how to entertain and give love through food. Babita is an awesome cook and someday I wish to have that charisma she has to do the same for people… You are a great example of what women should know about life… and men as well but I say women because cooking is a nurturing “thing” and we are built with nurturing.

Anton’s is better with friends for two reasons: lots of food and why not? This time we enjoyed it with John, a good friend who shares the passion for motorcycling and innovation with us. It was a lovely evening at this Italian place where pasta is served in a variety of ways for a reasonable price. There is only one in the mainland and it is located in Burnaby on Hastings; if you decide to go, be ready for a 45 minutes line up.
Thanks John for making an effort to connect…