Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Never fool a chef… and more.

Dinner with Christophe, a lovely Canadian Chef and motorcyclist!!!
In 2012 we met Christophe at BOSA Foods, an Italian grocery store in Vancouver B.C., just before he departed on a motorcycle tour and of course motorcycles got us talking. To make a long story short, in April 2013 we ended up meeting in Merida Yucatan Mexico in his way back to Canada after Christophe’s fantastic experience through North and Central America. We spent couple of days visiting and enjoying the “Motorcycle Diaries”.
A night before he left town he took us out for dinner to a very nice place called “Trattoria La Pasta” on Paseo Montejo and we had no choice but to accept…

The “chef” at this place was silly enough to think he can fool a chef!!!
Christophe ordered an Italian Traditional CAPRESE Salad (tomato, Bocconcini, Mozzarella, Basil) that supposed to represent the 3 Italian flag colours: green, white and red, which started as a matter of fact as the "Margharita Pizza" created by an Italian chef for the princess Margharita in the 18th Century with the same colours, tomato sauce RED, Bocconcini WHITE, and basil GREEN. Well, guess what came out in half of the salad instead of Basil? SPINACH and of course when we got to the SPINACH portion, Christophe found out and the staff found out… Never fool a chef, come on…

And if you are ever in Bowen Island, do not hesitate to ask for Christophe Langlois, I am sure that if you are lucky to find his restaurant you will have a good time there.

Gorditas Doña Gorda.
Don’t be afraid, you will not become fat unless you eat them all… This place in downtown Merida (Calle 60 x 61) serves delicious gorditas (fatties) which are basically pockets made out corn flour filled with anything you may wish from the list: eggs, beans, chicken, pork, etc.
Lovely, lovely and economical; at about 1 for $10 Mexican Pesos, two are enough for a meal.

Pollos Peruanos
Not sure why they are called Peruvian Chickens but they are awesome. At about $80 Mexican Pesos per chicken you get a tender, lovely, lovely chicken... where? Near Sam’s Club on Av. Correa Racho in Merida Yucatan ;)

Hennessy's Irish Pub.
One of our favourite places in Merida… every Monday we can watch a movie for free with the purchase of our meal and since Brian and I share everything, we share a meal!!!
Located on Paseo Montejo. Customer service is excellent.

Bar La Ruina.
Ok, this place is amazing. Recommended by our Landlord, here you go for drinks but you end up full of food for free. Here is how it works:
1) Order a beer for about $30 Mexican Pesos and you get a table full of snacks from salads to ceviche, guacamole, etc…
2) Order a second beer for another $30 Mexican Pesos and they bring you more snacks, enough to go home and say: “I had lunch”.
3) Order a third beer for $30 more Mexican Pesos and you get a full meal from a Menu… and fresh desserts.
Can you imagine that? And since we were recommended by an important character there, we don’t have to wait for the third beer, we are offered a menu at the second beer…
How to find the place?, just look at the picture and it is not hard to find on Calle 72 x 69 Centro…

Tortas Wayan’e.
Portuguese buns filled with your preferred item in the menu. For about $20 Mexican Pesos you get a Mexican Subway!!!
Family owned, located in Calle 20 x 15 in Colonia Itzimna…

Come to Merida and Enjoy!!!