Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shake your Body and Memories baby!!!

Not anymore…
I just realized I am not 20 anymore, what a discovery!!! Oh my God, why didn’t I realize that before? Not sure, but everything for a reason and everything at the right time.
So, my lovely husband is always in the hope and desire to keep his wife in shape and he figured out how to improve our standard of eating and I have to say: thanks to people in my life like Patricia Chuey and Brian MD that I can feel the need to improve what I introduce to my body. The shakes are a new thing for us, we are shaking lots of good things in the blender (Kitchen Aid) to drink and enjoy every piece of what we buy: mangoes, berries, bananas, melon, oranges, papaya, chart, spinach, tomatoes, etc. So, please if you have a good combination that does not require anything other than fruits or veggies please let me know. You will be contributing with my well-being.
The latest shake we found to be quite tasty and simple: blueberries, bananas and oranges… the most delicious combination.

La Musa
A new coffee shop in the heart of Merida, near El Remate on Paseo Montejo. Owned by a young French guy and a Mexican girl this coffee shop will be offering a very unique concept of coffee + art, meaning that they will have live music while the customers enjoy a coffee and some of the goodies they produce.
I have not yet tried much from there other than the coffee and although coffee is average, the ambience is great: quiet and lovely.
I wish they do well because young/entrepreneurial people need to do well.

Root Beer
There is nothing better than making good memories alive. I was in Cordoba Veracruz visiting my mom and we had a lovely root beer at the same place we used to have it when I was a kid and I really enjoyed it…
Thanks mom for making out of root beer a total adventure!!!

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