Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some notes to stay in touch!!!

Caramel Cheesecake Bites
Brian’s niece posted this recipe in Facebook and I followed it, using this link:
The results were amazing and even though I did not take pictures, let me tell you that the flavour is still in my mouth. Although I have to say that there is no better recipe for cheesecake than my mother’s in law.

Debi’s soup
Debi is a fantastic cook and when it comes to vegetarian food she is not a joke. Recently she shared this super, simple and amazing recipe with me and I adore this recipe.

Any veggies: we used potatoes, carrots, local calabazas and chayotes
Spices of your taste
Olive oil

1) Boil the beans. If you leave the beans soaking for a night and on top of it you cook them in the pressure cooker, the beans turn out very creamy, soft and delicious. Once cooked, add some salt and perhaps pepper.
2) Cook the veggies separate.
3) When both, the beans and veggies are cooked, simply mix them in a plate and add a bit of olive oil at that moment.

Indian food in town
At Hennessy’s Irish Pub in Merida, the last Tuesday of every month at 8:30pm, previous reservation required for $250 Mexican Pesos (buffet style).
These two guys: Sean and Colm are fantastic; they really cater to our needs, to the needs of the community interested in good food. Coming from Vancouver B.C. you can imagine that food is a big deal and although Yucatecan food is fantastic, the variety from the world has become a priority!!!